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Pure BNNT mats have been tested at NASA and show superior performance as thermal protection/heat shield materials, (pictured, NASA Ames Arc Jet Test Facility).
Our BNNTs have highly crystalline walls and are molecular in size. A DNA strand would fit comfortably inside a 3-wall BNNT (shown via transmission electron microscopy).
A film of ultra-purified BNNTs viewed with a scanning electron microscope (image courtesy of the Pasquali group at Rice University)."
Our BNNTs have been used in the most advanced particle accelerators in the world to damp micro-vibrations at cryogenic temperatures and to view particle beams at high energies.
Our BNNTs can be provided in a number of form factors: as-grown, purified, powdered, or as papers.

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Our mission is to make the highest quality BNNT materials at the lowest possible price and develop groundbreaking BNNT application technologies and products.